Who are we?

Moyono is an educational company that creates learning material for children, provides communities for parents and adults to chat, post entertaining reads, and giving back to those who need assistance.

What do we do?

Moyono’s creates children friendly iPhone and Android games that combine education and fun in a way that makes kids forget that they’re even learning! We also provide online communities for adults and parents to ask and answer each others questions regarding a wide variety of topics. As well as weekly updated blogs that seek to inform and entertain!

Giving back in the community!

Because many communities face financial hardships, Moyono does it’s part by creating giveaways that provide local communities with educational materials. Proper learning material creates confidence in the classroom. By giving back, we help to spread the importance of education.

When did we start and why?

Moyono was officially started on August of 2015 by three high school students, who believed they had the answer to changing the negative perceptions held by children regarding education.

If you asked a child what their thoughts on learning was, more often than not you would receive a not so pleasant comparison packaged with a sour face. This is unfortunate as children are seen as the future. In order for them to succeed through the trials and tribulations they encounter through life. It’s imperative that they have the necessary tools and appreciation for knowledge.

The future!

Learning never stops, which is why the importance of learning should spread to all parts of the globe. Moyono seeks to grow as large as possible in order for our message and ideas to reach a larger audience. What we ask of our fans, is to aid us in our mission by telling those you know about us. With a team effort, we can create a better future!